xyzspaces package

The XYZ Spaces for Python - manage your XYZ Hub server or HERE Data Hub.

XYZ Spaces for Python allows you to manage XYZ spaces, projects and tokens with the Hub API, Project API, and Token API, respectively. The Hub API provides the most features to let you read and write GeoJSON data (features) from and to an XYZ space, and perform some higher-level operations like return features inside or clipped by some bounding box or map tile. The Project API and Token API let you manage your XYZ projects and tokens.

See also: - XYZ Hub server: - HERE Data Hub:

class xyzspaces.XYZ(config=None)[source]

Bases: object

A single interface to interact with your XYZ Hub server or HERE Data Hub.


config (Optional[xyzspaces.config.default.XYZConfig]) –

Instantiate an XYZ object, optionally with custom configuration for

your credentials and base URL.


config (Optional[xyzspaces.config.default.XYZConfig]) – An object of class:XYZConfig, If not provied XYZ_TOKEN will be used from environment variable and other configurations will be used as defined in module default_config