Before you install the xyzspaces package make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • A Python installation, 3.7+ recommended, with the pip or conda command available to install dependencies.

Data Hub

  • A HERE developer account, free and available under HERE Developer Portal.

  • An XYZ API access token from your XYZ Hub server or the XYZ portal (see also its Getting Started section) in an environment variable named XYZ_TOKEN which you can set like this (with a valid value, of course):


Interactive Map Layer

  • To interact with Interactive Map Layers you will need an account on the HERE Platform. To get more details on the HERE Platform account please check our documentation Get a HERE account.

Once you have the account follow the below steps to get credentials:

The HERE platform generated app credentials should look similar to the example below: = <example_here> = <example_here> = <example_here>
here.access.key.secret = <example_here>
here.token.endpoint.url = <example_here>

You can provide your credentials using any of the following methods:

  • Default credentials

  • Environment variables

  • Credentials file

Default credentials

  • Place the credentials file into:

    For Linux/MacOS:


    For Windows:


Environment Variables

You can override default credentials by assigning values to the following environment variables:


Credentials File

You can specify any credentials file as an alternative to that found in ~/.here/ An error is generated if there is no file present at the path, or if the file is not properly formatted.