The Jupyter notebooks show various functionalities of xyzspaces. You can directly play with examples by clicking on the binder button:


To run the example notebooks locally See docs/notebooks/README.md.

The GIF below shows an interaction with an example notebook, demonstrating how to use a spatial search on a big public dataset, loaded from the HERE Data Hub.


Interactive examples

These are some preliminary code snippets that can be executed online. Click on the “Start” button first before you execute the following cells!

The following is a cell. Click the “run” button or press Shift-Enter inside the cell to execute it. Launching the computation backend may take a few seconds, and you may need to re-start it.

import xyzspaces

This is another cell. Replace the “MY_XYZ_TOKEN” with your real XYZ token and click “run” again to search for the GeoJSON feature of the White House in Washington, DC, USA!

import os
import geojson
from xyzspaces.datasets import get_microsoft_buildings_space

os.environ["XYZ_TOKEN"] = "MY_XYZ_TOKEN"
space = get_microsoft_buildings_space()
feat = next(space.search(tags=["postalcode@20500"]))
print(geojson.dumps(feat, indent=4))

More to come… please stay tuned!